Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A great video to use with Media Literacy

Students can take a look at the purpose, audience, and message of the video and the various elements that contribute to the overall effect.  An additional layer can be added by looking at The making of the Polar Bear  Commercial which has a purpose, audience and message all of its own!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Grade 12's Please complete this survey.

Short Story Survey

Magnetic Poetry

A friend of mine recently shared this site with me. 
Caution:  very addictive : )
Magnetic Poetry

"Breathe In Experience, Breathe Out Poetry" -Muriel Rukeyser

The students in Ms. Di Raimo's grade 7 class experienced the five senses in their class today.  They were easily excited by the cinnamon sugar they were invited to taste, and somewhat distracted by the soft pillow at the touch centre, but overall the students breathed in these experiences and breathed out rich, poetic language!

Students were able to discuss, explore, and create in their groups.  Each student had something of value to add at every centre.  I was so impressed by their ideas and their collaboration.

When asked in an exit card what they learned today their responses were thoughtful and reflective:
"I learned about other people's experiences and perspectives"
"Everything you know can be poetry"
"Sometimes less words means alot and help me believe that poetry is more than it seems" [sic]

As a follow up, they will be using this activity to create poems of their own--I can't wait to read what they create!

Thanks Ms. Di Raimo, Ms. Verardi and Grade 7's!