Thursday, October 17, 2013

Misunderstandings between a 1999 and 2020 Teacher

1999 Teacher vs 2020 Teacher

So I get that this video is about showing how learning English has been made simpler by the use of technology, and before people send me nasty notes about how I need to lighten up, consider the context, etc...I just think this is the perfect opportunity to clear up what I think are a few misunderstanding about the role of techology in our classrooms today.

The title is a complete misnomer.  If all we are doing today (and in 2020) is using technology to find things on the web, we are still using 19th Century pedagogy and 21st century technology.

A 2020 teacher has to be the one who asks the right question at the right time, given an understanding of the students' learning style and prior knowledge.  A 2020 teacher has to connect students to other students for a common goal, as well as tap into a real and relevant audience.

Here are some sample questions for BLOUSE (as in the example above):

What material would you recommend that (insert a real company name here) should use  to produce blouses?  Consider cost and environmental sustainability. 

In which era would the blouse have been the most comfortable and affordable? Why?

In what country would you set up a blouse-making factory?  Why is this the most viable choice?

What advertising technique would work most effectively to sell blouses?  Create a campaign using this technique.

The topic of "Blouses" is never one I would pick, of course...but at least these provide multiple access points and allow for critical thinking.  Students could use technology to research, connect with people in the field, and create and present their ideas.

I really like this video about the role of teacher questioning:

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